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Dear Visitor,

- First of all, welcome to our website. By the point of introduction of our company, a brief and main presentation will quite raise our reading rate. By this consciousness, we'll continue our exposition with extremely fluent and plain language.


Our company has been functioning in different names as indoor and outdoor in the liquid fuel equipment supplies and by-products market since 1988. Our activity, which started with liquid fuel installation supplies and liquid fuel pumps in interior market, is obtained to move away to Azerbaijan upon requests coming from abroad after years. By means of this, it's not limited with the equipment sale, but also key delivery contract works are attempted. In the direction of our successful Works through this, many constructions of associations are signed in Azerbaijan , Moldova and also other periphery countries. By means of experiments of years, serious Works and statistical evaluation through customer expectations are done, in consequence, it's revealed that a ‘Sectoral Market' need exists in indoor and outdoor market. Departing from this mentality, a modern working ambiance is created taking our administrative building and Show room of 350 m 2 especially in Azerbaijan where we have experiments and also of 250 m 2 in Izmir into service in 01/01/2000. our goal is to present all kinds of the products that our connecting customers can need, with the quality and the most suitable opportunities. Our main principle is to esteem human and behave in the way of ethics.


Our company giving all kinds of counselling services for liquid fuel assumptions, has the proud of submitting the following product sorts through new construction in its sectoral market to you, our estimable friends..

•  Electronic liquid fuel pumps
•  Liquid fuel, diver pump and equipments
•  Hydraulic and mechanic vehicle liftings
•  Vehicle-top liquid fuel transfer pumps. (12v / 24v)
•  Vehicle brush washing machines
•  Carpet and Tough Ground Washing Machines
•  Cold-Water, Steamy and Nonsteamy Washing Machines
•  Grease pumps
•  Oiling equipment
•  Compressor sorts
•  Generator sorts
•  Regulator sorts and UPS
•  Pulling out and putting on tyre sets, balance
•  Vacuum Cleaners


Let's make an opinion association in selection of ‘suitable for goal' equipments that you'll use in your liquid fuel associations, washing and oiling administration.
You'll make a confident investment; feel the privilege of TEKOP and the advantages of it by calling us from the other side of the phone or spending a tea-drinking time with us.
Hoping to be the agent of your investments in your imagines, we wish you good work..